You 2.0

Islamically speaking, in order to bring about positive change to society, one must first start with themselves, their family, and then their wider community. The purpose of this workshop is to self-reflect and explore what it is you admire about your role models, what characteristics do they have, and what will enable you to reach that status.



Let’s split into groups, and reflect on what we’ve just learned.
Dedicate a facilitator to lead the whiteboard discussion and present findings to the rest of the team.

Activity 1 — Whose your role model?

  • Whose your role model — Muslim or Non-Muslims?

  • What characteristics do they have?

  • What is so appealing about them?

Activity 2 — What are their attributes?

  • How would you describe your ideal role model?

  • What Islamic attributes do they have?

  • What professional characteristics do they have?

Activity 3 — How can you reach their status?

  • What do you believe is the biggest obstacles for you today to reaching YOU 2.0?

  • Who can help you reach your new status?

  • What is the biggest factor that will make this possible?