Al-Ameen Library

There are number of useful educational resources at Al-Ameen Library, that cater for all ages and cover a wide range of topics. Please submit the Book Hire Form below, and make sure you have read and understood our Book Hire Policy prior to submitting your request. Please ensure you complete the form soon after you had taken the items.

Book Hire Policy

  • I agree to return items borrowed to the host library when they are due.

  • I agree to not cause any damage to items borrowed, and in the case where damage has occurred, a Masjid Committee member is notified of the damage so that it’s immediately rectified.

  • I agree to notify a Masjid Committee member is notified in the case of loss or theft of any items borrowed.

  • I agree to not photocopy copy-righted materials without written consent from the publisher.

Book Hire Form

Please complete the form below if you wish to borrow any book resource from Al-Ameen Library.
By completing this form, you agree to Al-Ameen’s Library Book Hire Policy.

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