Instructor Guide

This guide gives instructors interested in running this program in their local community tips around how to best conduct the ReCHARGE hangouts.

Required Gear

  1. Laptop
    This is required to play the session videos with, and also to present the brainstorming activity presentation slides.

  2. Speakers
    To ensure best experience, good quality speakers (Ideally with subwoofer) are required for the screening.

  3. Stationary
    Sufficient whiteboard pens, standard ballpoint pens, paper, and possibly post it notes are required to effectively run the brainstorming session.


  1. Video downloader
    Ensure all YouTube videos are locally downloaded on your laptop.
    There are many free online tools that allow you to download a YouTube video by providing a URL — Such as the OnlineVideoConvertor.

  2. Material quality
    Avoid downloading low resolution videos, as it may not project very well.

  3. Video content
    It is best to use content form popular channels, to ensure content is already curated and non-controversial!

  4. Video length
    The videos should be short and catchy, long enough to spark ideas and aid in self reflection. Ideally the length should be 5-10m each. Keeping the content varied is always a good idea.


The less time spent preparing refreshments the more time is pent with the youth. Ideally, you want to outsource this activity, so Pizza (delivered to your menu) is always a good affordable choice to go for. Ordering in advance always helps.


The most challenging aspect of running a successful youth event, is keeping everyone engaged. Ideally the session would be run in three parts, each spanning 30 minutes.

First segment — Inspirational Videos.
Second segment — Lessons Learned & Reflections Workshop.
Third segment — Pizza and Refreshments.

Clean up

Everyone should participate in ensuring the venue is back in its original state, inviting the youth to participate in vacuuming, and wiping down the tables is always a good idea.