Masjid Al-Ameen has an open door policy in which everyone is welcome to come and worship in the house of Allah (SWT). To ensure peace and harmony the management of the Masjid (The committee of Al-Ameen Islamic Development New Zealand) has compiled general guidelines that apply to all Muslims and visitors of the Masjid.

Visitor Policy

  1. Islamic Lectures and Talks
    Propagation of Islamic is an honourable deed, however it comes with the responsibility of ensuring that the information being propagated is correct and is inline with the teachings of Quran and Sunnah in accordance to the understanding of the pious predecessors (As-Salaf As-Salih), and topics are carefully selected to take into consideration the diversity of Masjid Al-Ameen.

  2. Group visits
    All planned group visits to the masjid must be organised in coordination with the Masjid committee, by submitting in writing number of visitors, duration of visit and proposed program. This ensures that proposed activities do not conflict with existing Masjid events, and/or arrangements are made to cater for those.

  3. Noise Control
    To ensure peace and tranquility is maintained within the masjid for worshippers to enjoy their worship, we ask all visitors to keep their voices down and be respectful of existing events and educational classes that maybe going.

  4. Cleanliness
    Ensuring Masjid cleanliness is a responsibility shared by the worshippers, and we therefore ask all visitors to ensure that they leave the Masjid in a clean state after use, and that means removing rubbish, clearing bins if required, and clearing dishes.

  5. Being Respectful
    Upholding the highest standard of manners when engaging with other Muslims is a responsibility upheld by every Muslim, and therefore we ask everyone to take extra care interacting with other worshippers, to be respectful of differences due to Madhabs or affiliation and to only remind other using wisdom and or informing community leaders and elders to address issues that you feel need attention.

For further information regarding Masjid regulations, please do not hesitate to contact Masjid committee at
We thank you for your understanding.