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Donations Within New Zealand

We humbly seek your assistance to help us run our programs and activities for the community. Please kindly come forth to make your contributions to our efforts; even small amounts help. Our bank account details are as follows: 

Bank account Name: Al-Ameen Islamic Development New Zealand
Bank Name: Kiwibank


Operating / Education / Youth

Janaza / Reserve / Emergency

New Masjid

Zakat Ul-Mal

International Donations

All Donation transactions are fully secured by Paypal.

As Allah (SWT) has instructed in Surah At-Tawbah verse 18, it is incumbent upon every Muslim to contribute to the maintenance of the mosques.

We sincerely and humbly request your assistance and support to contribute and partake in the redevelopment of Al-Ameen masjid, whether be it small or great; and whoever does good to the weight of an atom shall see it.

Ways to Donate

We accept donations in the following ways:

  • Bank transfer

  • Cheques and postal orders

  • Online donation

Recipient name: Al-Ameen Islamic Development New Zealand
Account number: 38-9017-0648533-02
Swift Code: CITINZ2X
Bank address: Kiwibank, 28 Johnsonville Road, Johnsonville, Wellington 6037, New Zealand

Cheques and Postal Orders

Al-Ameen Islamic Development, New Zealand, PO Box 26006
Wellington 6037
New Zealand

Please make your cheque payable to: “Al-Ameen Islamic Development New Zealand”.

Donate with PayPal

For your convenience, we have now setup a PayPal account which means you can donate using your credit card from anywhere in the world.
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