Al-Ameen Sunday School for 2019 is scheduled to start on 10 Feb 2019 InshaaAllah. Enrolments will be open for children from 6 years old (at the time of registration) onward. All parents are required to enrol your children by clicking on the button below.

For returning children, parents are still required to complete the enrolment form so that we have accurate and up-to-date information in our records.


All children are required to bring writing materials (pencil/pen) and for returning children, please ensure that they bring their Quran / Qawaid / Islamiyat Activity Workbook / Islamic Studies Book (for teenagers). Parents please ensure that your children bring their books and writing materials to the school every week so that they can benefit from the lessons.

School Hours

The first session InshaaAllah will be the Quran class from 11:00am to 12:00pm, followed by a 30 minutes break. Please pack some food and water for your children to consume during the break. The second session will be Islamiyat class from 12:30pm to 1:30pm. This will then be followed by praying Dhuhr together which we strongly encourage all children to join.

Note: The school time will go back by an hour when daylight saving ends.

Please ensure that your children arrive to the class on time so that they get the most out of the day. However, kindly do not drop them off too early, as there will be no adults supervising at the centre. They also need to be picked up promptly after the Dhuhr prayers as there will not be anyone in the centre after Dhuhr prayers.

Parents Volunteers

Alhamdulillah, more and more children have enrolled for the Sunday School and as such, we are always in need for parent volunteers to help out during the class hours between 11am to Dhuhr time on Sundays. If you are available to help either in teaching or in setting up tables/security barriers at the masjid or monitoring the safety of the children, etc kindly indicate this in the enrolment form. Your time and contribution towards the school is greatly appreciated.


All children must be dressed in modest clothing – pants that cover the knees for boys and appropriate head covering for girls.


To ensure the safety of the children, please do not park directly in front of the masjid during Sunday School hours (from 11am to after Dhuhr prayers). When dropping and picking up your children, please park your car considerately and avoid making any U-turns in front of the masjid which is dangerous. We have seen many near misses happened in the past.


As we do not charge any fees for the Sunday School, we greatly welcome donations from parents to help support the Sunday School program.

Please forward this message to other parents who are also keen for their children to attend the Al-Ameen Sunday School. We always welcome new students to the school and look forward to seeing everyone on Sundays InshaaAllah.

Jazakumullahu khairan
Sunday School Coordinator